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Our Favourite Local Distillers - Archie Rose and More! 05-Jul-2017

Archie Rose, Poor Toms Gin & Small Mouth Vodka .... #weloveourlocals

It’s time we spoke about our spirits (Archie Rose being a forerunner in distillery production within inner Sydney). When I think spirits, it immediately conjures up images of smoky dark bars, flocked wall paper, distressed and worn leather armchairs, and of course, what is now coined as a professional career in Alcademics (one who purifies, matures and perfects their spirits). These guys are hip, have attitude (usually have a beard of some sort), and are extremely serious about the nature of their chosen career. Whether they are called mixologists or bartenders, the spirits these guys choose to work, play and experiment with is integral to their craft.

Here at Nobles Bar and Restaurant we are proud supporters of our local distillers as part of our cocktail and bar menu offerings.  From Poor Tom Gins to Small Mouth Vodka (uber cool names to boot!) these guys are so passionate about their craft and are continually releasing new products and flavours to keep our taste buds busy.  Archie Rose is part of this inception of city-based distilleries, with their dedicated and knowledgeable team, their product offering is not just the ‘drink’ per say, but a fusion of art, food, music and culture. 

We at Hills Lodge are so excited to be part of this growing trend, to stock these locally produced spirits and offer them to you.  Handcrafted you say? Organic? Botanicals? These terms are becoming second nature to those in the bar industry.  Locally sourced, produced and provided – join us for a cocktail at the bar … it may not be dark and smoky, but it’s definitely going to be one hell of a drink!

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