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Christmas is only a few months away and if you have been saddled with the job of organising the company Christmas Party, it can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t planned one before.There are so many things to consider and as this is one of the most important ways the management team can thank the entire team for all their hard work throughout the year there is a lot of pressure to get it right.

To help you get organised the events team at The Hills Lodge Hotel & Spa have put together 10 tips to planning a successful team Christmas party.


It’s important to start planning as early as possible using a Christmas party planning checklist.Depending on the company there can be an approval required through the management team at various steps along the way which you have to consider.This can be time consuming and as the most popular venues sell out quickly this time of year, it would be a shame to lose out on a chosen venue space because you were still waiting on approval.


This is an important consideration as it tends to be busy time of year for most work places, so you will need to coordinate with all the departments to decide on the best date.Send out a group email to the department managers so you can decide on a date that suits the majority as you will want to ensure you have as many of the team available to come to the event as possible.

Timing is super important. While aiming for a Friday afternoon may seem like the best option you may have an issue with venue availability. Lunchtime or afternoon Christmas Parties are a good way around this.As the event is on company time you will be assured of having the maximum number of staff at the event (for the first few hours anyway) and as you start early, you will also finish early which means it would be a great option for a Mid-Week event.Whichever date works best for your company, getting this locked away early will ensure you have enough time to plan an awesome event!


Knowing your budget is important before you start searching for your venue.Ask for a figure from the boss and stick to it by putting together a simple spreadsheet.Allocate some of the budget against food and beverage, gifts, theming and venue hire – this will give you an indication of what type of venue you can afford and whether you need to look at cocktail function vs a sit down.


Before you consider your venue, it’s important to understand your event numbers and what style of event will suit your team.Event options like cocktail parties or grazing packages can be a budget friendly Christmas Party option and well suited to larger numbers where people can mingle easily.Long lunches are perfect for smaller teams and 3 course Christmas themed dinners complete with Christmas Crackers and Traditional Steamed Plum pudding for dessert are popular options. 

Adding a theme to your Christmas party is also a great way to add an extra level of excitement to the event.Simple ideas based on a colour, a fancy-dress theme or simply a festive Christmas theme will get the team interacting about outfits and building on the excitement leading up to the event.


Budget will generally determine what style of venue to look for either the latest hotspot, restaurant or function room.Again, the earlier you lock this away the better. As every corporate company will be planning a similar event at the same time, the most sought-after Sydney Christmas party venues and locations can go quickly.

Venues such as the Hills Lodge have a variety of Christmas function spaces available to choose from so it’s important to consider the style of room that suits your numbers.If you have smaller numbers you will need a more intimate venue like The Library which caters for up to 50 guests seated and 70 for acocktail Party or The Boardroom is ideal for up to 20 guests seated around an intimate boardroom style table which you can book out and bring in as much Christmas Party cheers as you would like!The Estate Room is perfect for numbers of up to 200 guests for a cocktail function and features it’s own courtyard which is exclusively yours for the event and a great place for drinks and canapes and a space where guests can get some fresh air during the event.

If you have a very small office you can instead book a table in a nice restaurant like our Nobles Restaurant and enjoy a festive dining experience with your colleagues.


This part of the event is relatively easy once you have decided on the style and setup of the event.Most venues have great package options that make it easy to add into the budget however it’s important to understand everyone’s dietary requirements (gone are the days when only a vegetarian option was required) so that everyone has enough to eat.

Quality of the menu and the amount of food available is also important.Feed their bellies well and you will have a happy team on your hands, and if alcohol is being served (as is the norm for events such as these) it can ensure that people pace themselves appropriately.


Many companies put a lot of thought into putting together the event, however may not consider what happens after the event.When alcohol is involved it’s important to ensure that you have enough options for staff to get home safely and ensure that there is enough water available throughout the night placed on the tables to encourage people to stay hydrated.

Depending on budget you may want to arrange a cash bar for alcohol which will free up a little more budget for you to use for food, theming or entertainment at the event.Either way it’s something to think of before you have announced the date.


This will come down to budget, location and the size of the venue you have.Choosing the right entertainment to suit these key areas which crucial in enhancing the atmosphere of your event.Corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas like photo booths, dancers, comedians, live bands or a DJ will keep the team engaged and enjoy themselves right through to the very end.


This decision is one to make before the budget is set, if gifts are to be included in the budget you will need to allocate a cost for this.For smaller companies or department Christmas Parties putting together an internal draw a few weeks out Kris Kringle style is also a good option, it’s a good idea to put a dollar value limit on the gift and arrange for a due date for presents to be purchased by.


Once the venue and date are locked away, it’s important to announce it to all team members well in advance.If you have a theme, creating an invitation around this theme is a good way to build excitement.If you have a smaller team, personalized invitations can be a great idea.

Your team will feel valued if they have plenty of time to plan (what to wear / where to stay / who to bring) and knowing that this very important celebration has not been thrown together at the last minute shows the company values their team and the work that they do.


You should now be able to breathe a little easier having all the tips you need to create an incredible office Christmas Party.If you need a little assistance our friendly events team at The Hills Lodge can help you plan an event to remember!We have your festive needs sorted with a variety of venues to choose from and our festive catering packages starting from as little as $65 per person.




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