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Last Minute Wedding Ideas and Inspo 28-Feb-2017


Last Minute Wedding Ideas 

Sometimes, for some couples, the long, endless wait to get hitched is just too tiresome. Too much planning, too much spending time on the little worries and over-working literally EVERY minor detail! Does this sound familiar? Have you been on the back end of a bridezilla, endless planning meetings, a 12 month hysteria of hell?


We think that sometimes, a quick, short engagement is the way to go. Here's our Last Minute Wedding Ideas to help create something amazing - in a short space of time:


1. The Dress. You can lock down a dress so easily. This one year / 3 months in advance for a couture dress may be OK for some brides, but for a last minute wedding you CAN and will find the perfect dress in a much quicker time frame than that. Options include a ready-to-wear dress that you can literally take home that same day. Many boutiques will also have seamstress options and so you can have the perfect fitted bridal gown too. Or go the hire - there are some seriously gorgeous options for the hire dresses too. Check out this awesome blog on inexpensive wedding dresses -- available from online stores such as ASOS! So, so pretty.


2. Using a wedding planner / wedding stylist or venue coordinator before you hit the standard wedding suppliers. Most venues have a wedding coordinator onsite, and these guys can help you book what you need as often have the relationships to get things moving quickly. Also means you will probably save $ by not having to project manage multiple companies.


3. Wedding venue. There are literally loads of wedding venues that do not need a long lead time. This also depends on the location you have in mind. Thinking outside? Why not a park or close to a beach? Usually an approval from the council is all that is required. You can have fun with the lighting and ambiance with candles or fairy lights.


4. Timing - look at the less popular months to get married, such as Autumn and Winter. These are truly magical times to get hitched, and you'll find a lot more availability and less restrictions on venues and booking black out dates.


5. Florals - it's very in vogue now to choose varietals that are more simplistic and more available than every before. Choose a colour / mood board that fit's your theme and let the florist choose the best foliage for the time of year that will suit.


6. Keep an eye out for wedding specials. Many places will have a 'Wedding Special' at sometime throughout the year, just like this hotel in Yarra Valley.


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