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Wedding Packages With A Twist - Go For A Cocktail Wedding! 12-Jun-2018

Cocktail Weddings with a Twist

Sydney is a beautiful city to get married in; nevertheless throwing a wedding in this city can be a pricey affair. The huge price tag is caused by lots of factors, from how big the guest list is, to what kind of wedding you are opting for and even what season it is. Our unique cocktail weddings and all inclusive packages are a great option for those that want to have a little something different, without having to break the bank. Here is why we you should go “cocktail” on your wedding plans.

Budget Friendly

For starters a cocktail wedding can be tailor made to suit your financial situation. You can go all out and throw a wicked and extravagant party, or plan an excellent cocktail reception on a modest budget.

Space Savvy

With a cocktail wedding, you actually have a lot more venue options since you will not need nearly as much space as a conventional sit down dinner. You can pick a chic restaurant for an intimate affair or go for an outdoor garden style party.

Let Loose

One of the main gripes people have about weddings is that they aren’t any fun. Your cocktail reception can change all that! By opting for alcohol and bites in an intimate setting, instead of a formal sit down dinner, you can create a more relaxed atmosphere for your guests to mingle and really have some fun.

Outside The Usual Hours

Another great selling point of the cocktail wedding in Sydney is that it does not have to abide by conventional wedding times. You do not have to have an 6-7pm dinner as is the case with some wedding venues (not ours of course). You have the option of a tea time function or late night soirée, depending on your preferences.

With its flexibility and fun atmosphere, cocktail weddings are a great option for couples that want a memorable yet enjoyable function. Sydney is a city where dreams come true and your wedding should be no different. Whether you want an extravagant theme or a customised cake, anything goes is the rule in Sydney and you shouldn’t be afraid of making special requests of your wedding planners. Most hotels employ such professionals and they can help put together the perfect cocktail wedding or simply provide assistance on aspects like design and decor. Ultimately a wedding is a celebration of love and the event should reflect the couple’s personalities and sense of fun.

The Hills Lodge Hotel offers all inclusive wedding packages and you can also tailor your own. Contact us today to discuss your wedding...

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