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Whiskey Bar & Weddings – Inspiration for the Modern Groom (and Bride) 24-Apr-2018

Whiskey drinking is something that is becoming more emergent in both men and women who now are educating themselves in the fine art of appreciation and how to savour and respect this fine amber liquid gold. It’s seen as a reflection of the modern gentleman (and woman) combined with a love of classic rituals of the past.

Here at Hills Lodge, we decided to delve a little deeper into the world of this irresistible combination of whiskey and weddings, where more and more, we are seeing men that are becoming more ‘gentlemanly’ with their attire, mannerisms and grooming replicating that of a by-gone era.

Moustacheries, beard fashioning, sharp tailoring and a smooth charm are a heady combination. TV shows such as “Mad Men” have helped to enhance this new modern-day man. All of which sound like pretty good attributes for the man standing at the end of an aisle (don’t you think ladies?!).

Whiskey & Weddings, here are a few of our inspirational ideas that embrace the generation of the modern dapper groom and gorgeous bride for their wedding.

The Sophisticated Buck’s Party

Gone are the strippers, the binge-drinking, nor the early morning trip to the Casino. Instead we welcome a Whiskey and Cigar tasting class … A master-class tailored to suit a variety of interests and personalities (I even think the girls would love this concept). Try The Gentleman’s Cabinet, these guys operate out Sydney. Another brilliant idea is to create a type of gentleman’s ride .. hiring vintage motorbikes and going on a day-tour (all smartly dressed in dapper clothing of course!).

Pop Up Whiskey Bar

Add in a Whiskey / Scotch Pop-Up Bar at the wedding reception. This gives credit to the men at the wedding, provides a ‘destination’ and a man-banter corner. We recently had a hugely successful Pop-Up Whiskey bar at the Lodge, a relatively in-expensive way to style an area of the post-wedding celebration. Another great addition to this idea is to provide Whiskey for guests during the toasts and speeches.

It’s All About The Style

From the hair style to the suit, the gentleman groom should take time to choose a statement addition to himself and his groomsmen. Whether it is a silk cravat, a subtle neckerchief, braces, bow ties, hats or carefully selected buttonholes, combined with confidence you cannot go wrong. For her, think brooches, head pieces, feathers and lace – all of which can be styled across the bridal party too.

So when planning your wedding (and if you are a bit of a whiskey lover) there are plenty of fabulous ways in which you can combine this love (or even if it’s just your love of Mad Men!) to create the perfect experience for your wedding day.

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