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The Benefits To Choosing A Winter Wedding 19-May-2019

When it comes to weddings, winter is overlooked by most couples as a time to celebrate their nuptials. Crisp days, cosy evenings and frost on the ground - winter captures the essence of romance.  What better way to greet your guests at your reception than with a welcoming open fire. Family and friends will be enjoy mingling together, red wine in hand, happy to share in the unique experience of a winter wedding. 

Winter is all about cosying inside with loved ones and sharing heart-warming feasts. For this reason, June through to August is a perfect time for those who are looking for an intimate wedding experience. Nobles Restaurant will cater to as little as 40 people and allow you to capture that sense of closeness and romance throughout the event. Your guests will relax and feel at home on comfortable dining chairs in  the restaurant rather than standard function chairs.

Winter is also great for lunch time weddings. The crisp winter air and sunlight provides a welcome backdrop for photographs and celebrations.  This time offers a unique opportunity for brides to play with accessories such as vintage wraps, stoles, gloves and faux-furs which look wonderful in photos while keeping you warm and for the men, it's as simple as being able to wear a jacket and tie comfortably.

We also offer onsite accommodation. Your guests will appreciate staying on site during a winter wedding and not having to venture outside to make their way home.  Even though it is fresh outside, on a beautiful winter’s day (and there are plenty in Sydney) there is no reason not to celebrate outside. Here at Hills Lodge we have a beautiful building with a private courtyard for your ceremony and drinks, and as it attached to the hotel, you have built in wet weather back-up plans and can relax and enjoy your big day. 

Consider winter for your special day. It is a great way to ensure a memorable and unique wedding for you and your guests.

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