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Gin Cocktail Anyone?

London has always been the home of Gin and so what better match for an English Tudor Hotel, but let's not forget our local distillers in the process. Australians are going gang busters for Gin like the UK with the market showing incredible growth and so to are the number of great Distillers Australia has to offer. We are strong believers in supporting local and Australian businesses so Nobles Bar offers this amazing array of Gins for you to enjoy. 

RESPECT the GIN - How we serve Gin at Nobles Bar ... Old fashioned and highball glasses are out and Reidel stemmed Balloon glasses are in (the "Copa de Balon" shaped glass is designed to trap the aromas of the Gin, allowing a better taste and more ice to keep cool). Now just like wine, swirl it, smell it and we suggest taste it neat at the start to appreciate the Gin's true characteristics and Botanicals. Then add your Tonic, try a small amount at first then add to your liking (we have also selected a subtle tonic that does not over power the Gin's flavour).

Australian Gins


Archie Rose “Signature Dry Gin”   (Sydney, NSW)

A balanced & complex gin accented by Australian botanicals including blood lime, dorrigo pepperleaf, lemon myrtle & river mint. All underpinned with pronounced juniper berry.

Archie Rose “Horisumi Winter Gin”   (Sydney, NSW)

Part of their seasonal series release - distillation includes Tasmania kombu, fuji apples, infusion of two Japanese green teas (sencha & genmaicha).

Poor Toms “Sydney Dry Gin”   (Sydney, NSW)

Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cinnamon bark, cardamom, cubeb pepper, strawberry gum leaf, granny smith apples, lemon myrtle & dried chamomile.

Poor Toms “Fool Strength Gin”   (Sydney, NSW)

Botanicals - Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cuberb pepper, liquorice & grapefruit. Bottled at 52% & not chill filtered.

Four Pillars “Bloody Shiraz Gin”   (Healesville, Victoria)

A blend of Rare Dry Gin & Yarra Valley Shiraz Grapes. When pressed, the spice & pepper of the shiraz combines with the citrus & juniper of the gin to create something unique.

Animus “Classic Dry Gin”   (Kilmore, Victoria)

Lemonmyrtle & mountain pepper added to the rich juniper led base. Classic Juniper, sappy freshness offset by deeper spice driven undertones.

Animus “Ambrosian Gin”   (Kilmore, Victoria)

Asian inspired with zest & spice. Bright tangy notes from fresh mandarin, lime & kaffir leaf. Fresh ginger & galangal bring rooty & spicy notes. Sesame seeds add a nutty hint on finish.

Animus “Arboretum Gin”   (Kilmore, Victoria)

Herbaceous. Strawberry gum leaf offer floral & menthol hints. Native bush tomato delivers tamarillo notes. Rosemary & bay leaf build herbaceous depth, with orange offering zest.

Adelaide Hills “Green Ant Gin”   (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Australian Green Ants an Indigenous bush tucker bring vibrant flavoursof Lime & Coriander with Botanicals of Boobiala, (Native Juniper), finger lime, strawberry gum, lemon myrtle & pepper berry. (Ants are harvested in N.T. by the Motlop family of the Larrakia people).

International Gins

Gordons Distillery “London Dry“   (London, England)

 Triple distilled & contains juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice, orris root, orange & lemon peel, ginger, cassia oil & nutmeg.

Dodd’s Distillery “London Dry“   (London, England)

A creamy, full bodied gin. It is complex with lavender & resin juniper notes, citrus pithy freshness & subtle notes of jasmine & green tea. The end has spice & pepper warmth.

Hendrick’s “London Dry“   (Scotland, UK)

Signature taste with botanicals including flowers, roots, fruits & seeds. Their unique flavor comes from an infusion with Rose petals & specially selected cucumbers.


A Classic Gin Cocktail with a Twist

James Bond Cocktail in Casino Royale was a Vesper Martini, so we will give this an Aussie Twist:

"Ambrosian Martini" 

50ml Animus Ambrosian Gin

10ml Lillet Vermouth

Stirred for 1 minute over ice then served in a Martini glass with a Lime peel twist 



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